The Legends of Role Playing Tournament Results

March 23, 2024 4 By Josh Popp

Hail Legends of Roleplaying Adventurers!

What a fantastic tournament! The Legends of Roleplaying Tournament is
the world’s largest old-school D&D tournament and this year we had 144
great players and a team of awesome DMs!

I am absolutely indebted to these fine tournament DMs who, over the
years, have made it possible for the Legends of Roleplaying Tournament
to grow and become more popular every year:

Douglas Behringer
Michael Boehm
Glenn Buettner
Allan Grohe
Allen Hammack
Adam Hawkins
Harold Johnson
Johnny King
Evan McPhillips
Darren Moura-Smith
Victor Raymond
Tony Spino
Jim Stanton
Paul Stormberg
Andrew VanHooreweghe
Steve Winter

Of course, Allen Hammack, Harold Johnson, and Steve Winter are truly
Legends of Roleplaying, also Doug Behringer RPGA marshal from back in
the day, and I thank them for sage counsel and assistance in running the
tourney. Most importantly, Dave Conant, for making this impossibly large
event happen, Ollie Cahoon for wrangling 144 (!) players and getting
them to the correct tables, Kevin Maurice for applying the rudder when
the whole event might run aground, Kevin for assembling the tourney
until the wee hours of Thursday night (and getting all the stickers
straight), and Luke Gygax for giving us a venue, in honor of his father,
to provide this old school goodness to so many fans!

Thanks to two other Legends of Roleplaying, artist Erol Otus for
providing the fabulous art used as handouts during the tournament and
the irrepressibly zany, Tom Wham for illustrating the character
portraits on each of the pregen character sheets.

In this year’s adventure, heroes from the Village of Hommlet once again
take up arms against the cult of Elemental Evil. Otis the ranger and his
faithful henchman, Murfles the elf, Y’Dey and Terjon the clerics of St.
Cuthbert, Jaroo Ashstaff the druid, Burne the magic-user, Rufus the
fighter, Bimo the Wily, a dwarf, and Oaklock Gilderlief, an elf.

Returning to the ruined edifice to find the Elder Keys and enter the
prison of the Elder Elemental God! Their mission to weaken the Elder
Elemental God and cut off his connection to his cult members!

The final rankings are as follows:

1st Place: Team # 9, Game Master: Darren Moura-Smith, # of Deaths: 0,
Points: 160
2nd Place: Team # 2, Game Master: Michael Boehm, # of Deaths: 1, Points: 155
3rd Place: Team # 3, Game Master: Glenn Buettner, # of Deaths: 1,
Points: 151
4th Place: Team # 12, Game Master: Jim Stanton, # of Deaths: 2, Points: 140
5th Place: Team # 5, Game Master: Allen Hammack, # of Deaths: 2, Points: 139
6th Place: Team # 6, Game Master: Adam Hawkins, # of Deaths: 3, Points: 128
7th Place: Team # 16, Game Master: Steve Winter, # of Deaths: 0, Points: 125
8th Place: Team # 13, Game Master: Tony Spino, # of Deaths: 0, Points: 121
9th Place: Team # 7, Game Master: Harold Johnson, # of Deaths: 0,
Points: 118
10th Place: Team # 1, Game Master: Douglas Behringer, # of Deaths: 0,
Points: 117
10th Place: Team # 15, Game Master: Andrew VanHooreweghe, # of Deaths:
0, Points: 117
11th Place: Team # 4, Game Master: Allan Grohe, # of Deaths: 0, Points: 100
11th Place: Team # 8, Game Master: Evan McPhillips, # of Deaths: 2,
Points: 100
12th Place: Team # 14, Game Master: Paul Stormberg, # of Deaths: 9,
Points: 76
13th Place: Team # 10, Game Master: Johnny King, # of Deaths: 1, Points: 75
14th Place: Team # 11, Game Master: Victor Raymond, # of Deaths: 0,
Points: 58

The winning team (#9) did remarkably well and won by excellent play.
Here is what their very experienced DM wrote of their play: “These
players played excellent, worked together and took decisive actions.
They use their resources effectively and were on point with almost every
decision. They ended up finishing 20 minutes before time expired”

Their DM, Darren Moura-Smith, said this team was fantastic to watch play
and thought their cooperation and team-work was some of the best he had
ever seen! Furthermore they did it with just 8 players!

So without further ado, here are the Gary Con XIV Legends of Roleplaying
Tournament Champions:

Team #9
Brendan Callum
George Cline
David Cusack
Victor Garcia
Devin Lundberg
Ryan Probasco
Mike Slawienski
Justin Velo

Each will receive a free silver badge for next year’s Gary Con, stating
they are the reigning Legends of Roleplaying Tournament Champions! All
hail the new champions!

Futures Bright,

Paul J. Stormberg