Gary Con XIII (2021) Badge Packages Available Soon

September 22, 2020 0 By Melf

Greeting Fellow Gamers,

I hope that this missive finds you healthy and doing as well as can be expected given the myriad of challenges thrown at us during the year 2020. I wanted to update you on what we have in store for the coming weeks and months- namely Autumn Revel Ethereal Gaming Event, and Badge package Sales for Gary Con XIII.

Autumn Revel takes place October 9-12, 2020. Sign up for access to the event here Autumn Revel TTE Site We will have virtual game events, epic streaming events on Gary Con Twitch as well as a virtual vendor hall. Our streams will feature gaming luminaries, as usual, and raise money for Extra Life and the Children’s Miracle Network. And the virtual vendor hall will test how well we can use Zoom (or similar technology) to help bring vendor and customer closer to a con experience.

This year Autumn Revel is only virtual, and we are using it to help us refine some ideas for Gary Con XIII. But in future years we hope to have an intimate gathering in Lake Geneva of only a few hundred gamer aficionados. Stay tuned for more on that in 2021.

Gary Con XIII Badge Packages

If you had a valid badge for Gary Con XII (no charge back or refund), you will have the opportunity to get your package starting next week, tentatively on September 24th until the pre-sales period closes on October 3rd, 2020. You will only be able to purchase at the same level as you had last year. So if you were a Gold Badge for 2020, you will be able to buy one Gold Package for 2021. There will be a limited number of packages available, so it is first come, first served basis. This is especially applicable to Silver Packages. Please watch the email associated with your TTE account to get the email with link and any discount code. Please note that we are selling packages this year that include merchandise and with the merchandise comes access to any Gary Con event that is held.

If you have conditions that make COVID-19 a higher risk to your health and well-being we urge you to attend Gary Con Ethereally (virtually) this year. Attending in person has risk associated with it. Please read the Gary Con policies to ensure you have a complete understanding BEFORE you make any purchases.

Updated Policies Please take a moment to review the updated Gary Con policies. We added language on Ethereal (virtual) Conduct, COVID-19 information, and Limited Liability Agreements. Click here to read them. Gary Con Policies and Terms of Agreement


Luke and the Gary Con Team