Badge Registration

Badge Registration

Welcome to the Gary Con family! In order to attend, your first step is to purchase a badge on Tabletop.Events (TTE). After purchasing a badge, you can register to host or play games. See the Events page for details and timing around submitting games you want to host or registering to play games.

If you need lodging for the convention visit the Travel & Hotel page.

Purchasing Badges

Badges cannot be purchased at the door for Gary Con XVI. 

There is one way to purchase a badge—online before the convention.

Badge pre-registration typically begins in July.  Check our social media pages for updates.

Preregistered badges are purchased online through Tabletop.Events (TTE) and let you play in events at Gary Con—whether physical or virtual. If you want to purchase badges for family members or other guests, you may add additional badges to your shopping cart prior to checkout. However, each attendee may only have one badge.

As the convention grows the number of badges available for purchase decreases quickly, so it is best to buy a badge well in advance. 

Gary Con XVI will be hosted as a hybrid convention and there are different perks associated with the different badge levels. Explore the benefits of the different badge levels in more detail by visiting TTE!



  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Diamond
  • Youth
  • Spectator


  • Gith
  • Ethereal
  • Astral


Gary Con has grown, so we will be unable to sell badges at the door in 2024, as we have reached our maximum capacity.


Dungeon Master Discount

Dungeon Masters that successfully run multiple games will be entitled to special DM-only perks! See the GM Rewards page for more information.


What is the Diamond Dinner?

The Diamond Dinner is an exclusive event for Diamond Badge Holders held Thursday in the Chop House restaurant at the Grand Geneva resort.  Luke Gygax hosts the dinner along with two or more Guests of Honor.  It is an opportunity to interact with the Guests privately and enjoy conversation with the group ranging from gaming to pretty much anything!


What is the VIP cocktail reception?

The VIP-only Cocktail Reception is Thursday night in the hospitality lounge where you can rub elbows with the Gygax family, Guests of Honor, TSR alumni,  and other industry notables. When you purchase a Platinum or Diamond badge, you gain access to the event with an open bar and free snacks.


Collectible Stadium Cup Specials*

There are two custom stadium cups available for attendees, the Beer Cup or the Soda Cup. The cups are identical except for their color.  Each cup allows you to take advantage of one of our discounted drink specials. You get special discounts on Spotted Cow beer and soda refills.  As if that isn't awesome enough, during Happy Hour from 5:30-7:30 Friday and Saturday you get free soda or Spotted Cow Beer from the convention area drink stations!

Game Masters who have submitted a certain number of hours or more will have earned an exclusive GM stadium cup.

Why is Spotted Cow such a big deal at Gary Con anyways?  Gygax is a Swiss name and Gary was proud of his heritage.  Spotted Cow is made in the Little Switzerland of Wisconsin, New Glarus.  Gary loved to visit New Glarus to eat good Swiss food and drink New Glarus Brewing Co beer.  So Spotted Cow is the Unofficial Official Beer of Gary Con.  Make sure to enjoy it while you are in Wisconsin because New Glarus Brewing doesn't distribute their beer outside of the state.


Collecting your Badges and Swag

Check-in for pre-registered badges will begin Wednesday evening.  Please check our "What's Happening at Gary Con" page for a more detailed schedule and stay tuned to our website, social media, and emails for updates as we move closer to the convention.


Submit Events

You want to GM an event at Gary Con?  Thank you!  Game Masters are the backbone of a convention and we always appreciate you helping bring great games to our celebration. You must have a badge in order to submit an event.  You submit events on the same website where you buy a badge, GC TTE Page.  Event submission typically ends in the first week of January before the convention for physical events.  Virtual events may be accepted until two weeks before the convention, but its better to get them in early.  Please follow our facebook page, Discord, Twitter and Instagram for up-to-date information on event registration.


I purchased a badge, but now I can't attend. Can I get a refund?

All purchases of Gary Con merchandise, including badges and event tickets, are final.  No refunds are issued for any reason unless expressly stated in writing in advance. You may transfer your badge independently by using the TTE Friend System, but that is solely at your discretion.