Founders & Legends Convention is coming (IN PERSON)

Founders & Legends Convention is coming (IN PERSON)

July 20, 2023 0 By Garner Andrews

We have brought the community a number of special virtual events under the Founders & Legends brand, but since it’s the 50th birthday of the game that started it all, it’s time to pull out the stops and do something in-person!

This year we have organized an additional special convention the weekend before Gary Con (Mar. 16-18) that is all about celebrating 50 years of D&D, and doing it with some of the greatest of the founders and legends of the game there to help us out.  Badges go on sale this Saturday, July 22 at noon CDT. This event is intended to be an intimate event where every attendee will be bumping elbows with founders and legends as we enjoy our happy hour, or our movies we will showing each night (more to come later on this).

There will be two badge types available. The Adventurer ($100) is the main badge that most attendees will purchase.  Adventurers will be able to run and play games, attend all panels, and multiple other events as usual.  We will also have daily special activities for all attendees.  These are not finalized yet, but we are looking at having a bus tour, special games in special locations, etc.  Some of these may include additional cost, but we expect they’ll be open to all attendees. Another important thing to know is that Hotel reservations will open July 31 at 10am CDT.

The other badge that is available is the Hero of the Realm ($2000).  This badge includes admission to all 3 days, 3 nights stay at the Grand (Fri/Sat/Sun night), a seat in the D&D Evolution tournament, lunch daily and evening mixer Sat/Sun and premier F&LC merch. You will also qualify for Gary Con XVI early housing registration.  But what is the D&D Evolution tournament you say?

The D&D Evolution Tourney includes 32 players, who will be broken into teams. The teams will compete in four gaming sessions in this retrospective tournament. Across multiple sessions you’ll take your team through a single adventure, played in each of the editions. Is that enough? NO! You should have legends running these games as well.  Who doesn’t want the likes of Mike Mearls or Keith Baker to be your Dungeon Master? Does your team have the fortitude, focus, and know-how to become the first champion of the D&D Evolution Tournament? Keep your eye on our Founders & Legends TTE site so you can be one of the first to grab that Hero of the Realm badge!