Tabletop Events and Stripe

Tabletop Events and Stripe

September 12, 2016 Off By LMetcalf

Table Top Events

Credit Card Charges

Note that charges from Tabletop.Events, the software we’re using to manage badges and events this year for Gary Con, uses a Credit Card Processing company called STRIPE.

We understand that there has been confusion with some of our badge-holders and disputes have been claimed with banks over these charges. Tabletop.Events management has spoken with the STRIPE, and any future charges will be noted as “Gary Con 2016”.

In the meantime, if you’ve disputed the charge, please confirm the charge origin and charge amount with your account on Tabletop.Events, and then please contact your bank to rescind the dispute. You can verify your receipts online here:

Any dispute that is not removed will result in the badge being refunded and placed back into the pool of available badges.

Tabletop.Events will be reaching out to the folks that have made disputes individually, but we thought to reinforce that communication.