Stream of Many Eyes Event

Stream of Many Eyes Event

May 31, 2018 Off By LMetcalf

 Gary Con Notables Attending Wizards “Stream of Many Eyes” Event

Wizards of the Coast is holding a massive streaming event June 1-3, 2018 to unveil their newest product, “Waterdeep Dragon Heist”.

Several authors, designers and community influencers will be there streaming live events, displaying new products, gaming and generally having a good time.  Amongst the many invited to the Some are several notable attendees of Gary con including Luke Gygax, Joe Manganiello, Satine Phoenix, Ruty Rutenberg, Jon Petersen and Michael Witwer.  Of course the guys from Wizards will be there too- Mike Mearls, Chris Lindsay, Greg Tito, all of whom have come to Gary Con in the past.

You can watch the Stream of Many Eyes on Twitch or if you are in the Los Angeles area, there are tickets available to attend in person.  Go to for more information.