Shane Moore – Abyss Walker

July 27, 2016 Off By LMetcalf

I’m Shane Moore, creator of the Abyss Walker series.
A little about why this project is absolutely amazing. In 1985, I was ten years old. I was growing up in a home with addict parents struggling with chemical use and alcoholism. I used to stare in the mirror and tell myself how stupid, lazy, and ugly I was. I wanted to kill myself.
Later that year, I got a present from my cousin that Gary Gygax co invented -Dungeons and Dragons. I went from a suicidal worthless ten year old to a hero, a wizard, or a mighty king. Now, instead of hiding in my room, I went on grand adventures!

Role playing games shaped my life from one of abuse and poverty to one of adventure and dreams. Gary had inadvertently saved my life.
In 2004, I was stabbed in the line of duty as a police officer. I started writing the Abyss Walker world into one amazing epic fantasy tale and while my talent as a writer was fledgling at best, the story captivated over a hundred thousand readers and enabled me to quit my police career to write full time.

The day I signed this agreement with Troll Lord games was a magical one. The very man who partnered with Troll Lord Games and had inadvertently saved my life was now teaming up with me to bring those stories full circle. While Gary has passed, I used to stare at the old module covers and dream of meeting him.
I met Gary in 2007 just before he passed. I was too embarrassed to tell my story to him. I just smiled, shook his hand, and said “thanks.” He didn’t ask why, and I like to think he could tell he had impacted me in some way. Now I can tell all of you the Abyss Walker story. I’m both humbled and elated to share this world with you.
I want to personally thank every backer of this project and I’m going to write a fun little short story for Steve to do with it as he see’s fit.
I want to thank Troll Lord Games, Steve, and his team. But mostly, I want to thank all of you backers. You are the ones that are bringing this full circle. And for that, words can not express my gratitude.
~Shane Moore