Seal of Gaxx


From the mind of Luke Gygax comes…

Search for the Seal of Gaxx

...a live-action, puzzle-solving, interactive role-playing game.

Gary Con XVI isn't just another gaming convention—it's an embodiment of fantasy, adventure, and camaraderie.  Participants can eagerly anticipate a gamut of activities, including RPGs of all shapes and sizes, gripping live-action sequences, celebrity sightings, and a huge vendor hall.

You can celebrate the 50th anniversary of Dungeons and Dragons by diving into the Search for the Seal of Gaxx at Gary Con XVI and inscribing your legend in the annals of Okkorim.  Search for the Seal of Gaxx has been refined into a unique adventure that promises thrill, challenges, and unforgettable moments. Players will immerse themselves in a multi-part, live-action story. Each session should last 40-60 minutes. It's an adventure tailored to all heroes from choosing a class, to forming a party, or embarking on side quests.  Don't just hear about the adventure—live it!

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Beside the lonely throne, a gleaming sword stands ready for action, accompanied by the iconic twenty-sided die — a symbol of fate for would-be adventures seeking fortune during the live-action RPG game, "Search for the Seal of Gaxx.”

The Big Bad Evil Guy, clad in black armor and holding his trusted sword, stands poised on a wooden stage, expressing intensity and readiness against a defiant party of would-be adventurers during the live-action event, “Search for the Seal of Gaxx” at this year's KC Ren Fest.

Amidst the shadows and fiery hues of a tented enclosure, fantasy warriors engage in a spirited battle, while a giant, luminous twenty-sided die symbolizing chance and fate rests prominently in the foreground during the live-action event, “Search for the Seal of Gaxx” at this year's KC Ren Fest.