Ernie Gygax – Patience

July 26, 2016 Off By LMetcalf

Ernie GygaxEvery time you play a game with an impatient young child who wants something exciting to happen immediately, which describes myself as a kid, it becomes a teaching opportunity. EGG (Gary) would take the time to teach, coddle and drag me along to any and all gaming activities he himself participated in. There were conventions at schools in the Chicago area during the days of the IFW, trips to Rockford to play Napoleonics with Jeff Perren and then the after party at the Ground Round with peanut shells everywhere and of course gamers first at 330 Center St – which later turned into Gen Con.

Every time you exercise  patience and allow a lad or lass to game with you, a mind is opened and gamer comes into his own.

~Ernie Gygax (EGG Jr)